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Underdog Blog

Become an RDR Volunteer During National Volunteer Week

Sabrina Ortiz

By Katie Walsh

So, it’s three months post-holidays, the weather is slowly getting warmer, and you’re feeling restless after a long winter in the house. Well, I have good news for you: Did you know April 7-13 is National Volunteer Week, a week designed to highlight the various opportunities for volunteering all across the country? And even luckier for you, Rural Dog Rescue has a ton of fun, easy opportunities for volunteering. You can find an outlet for your restlessness AND rack up some good karma points, all while helping some adorable pups find forever homes.

Opportunity 1: Hold leashes at adoption events.

This is probably the lowest commitment level out of any of the opportunities, and one of the most fun! Every weekend (weather permitting), Rural Dog Rescue’s adoptable pups gather outside the Howl to the Chief pet store in an adoption sidewalk show, and RDR always needs some folks to hold the dogs’ leashes.


It’s fairly easy to do and is only an hour or two out of your weekend. And you get to snuggle a dog for that time -- what could be better than that!

Opportunity 2: Help staff Rural Dog Rescue fundraising events.

This past weekend, Rural Dog Rescue sponsored a scavenger hunt and photoshoot that raised money to help continue their work. It’s one of many events they put on throughout the year, and they always need people willing to help out!


There are happy hours, 5Ks, photo shoots and more -- my favorite being the costume contest at Halloween -- that you can participate in. Just check the events calendar and sign up!

Opportunity 3: Be a foster for an adoptable dog.

If you want to do a little more for Rural Dog Rescue, then you can apply to foster a dog and help it adjust to family life ahead of being adopted. Often, this means teaching the dog to walk on a leash, house training, and other activities that help dogs learn, well, how to be a dog! You’ll also be required to bring the dog to adoption events and provide summaries about his/her behavior to potential adopters.


**Disclaimer: Fostering a dog may result in becoming a foster fail/adopting the dog yourself. Take it from me -- this is how I ended up with two dogs! Don’t say you haven’t been warned!

Opportunity 4: Volunteer digitally.

Can’t have a dog in your home for whatever reason? Rural Dog Rescue also needs people to help with their social media, graphics, website and blogging (hey, that’s what I’m doing here!). It’s a great way to put your talents to work on your own schedule/in your own environment while still helping dogs get adopted!

So if you’ve been hesitant to get involved because you’re not sure there’s an opportunity that fits you, I hope you can see the many ways you can help. Check out the volunteer link and sign up to help the Underdogs today!