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Underdog Blog

The Perks of Pet Insurance

Sabrina Ortiz

By Savanna Mitchell

Let me start by introducing Ruby, the star of the show. After a year of fostering many wonderful pups through Rural Dog Rescue (RDR), Ruby wormed her way into our hearts and we officially adopted her in May.


With that, Ruby was by far my most difficult pup. When we first started fostering her way back in January, she came with happy tail (trust me, the name is very deceiving), which meant the tip of it was essentially an open wound and would regularly bleed all over our house. After months of keeping it bandaged, forcing her to wear the cone of shame, and many vet visits, she made a full recovery!


(Not impressed)


(Pay attention to tail here)

Through this process RDR did an amazing job of covering all vet expenses but it made me realize how quickly costs can add up for someone paying for vet care out of pocket. When my boyfriend and I decided to pull the trigger and adopt Ruby, one of our first conversations was about pet insurance. We learned that our company offered discounted pet insurance as an employee benefit and within days of adoption we had a plan set up for Ruby!

Similar to your own health insurance, it helps decrease care costs and protects you when serious accidents occur. Many people assume that insurance isn’t needed for the average healthy pup or that it only works in extreme situations like surgery, but keep in mind, it can also help cover things like annual exams, blood work, prescriptions, and more.

As the daughter of a veterinarian, I asked my mom what her thoughts were on pet insurance. She has definitely noticed a spike in insured pets in recent years and shared her list of recommended pet insurance companies and why (note, there are many other great options out there!).

HealthyPaws: Great for full coverage and even supports alternative medicine if you decide to go that route.

Trupanion: A great option for someone looking for chronic illness coverage (i.e. cancer or allergies) or owners with elderly pets.

PetPlan: Comprehensive coverage with 24/7 customer service and includes vet exam fees!

Embrace: Strong illness and accident coverage with plan options based on your needs. Also includes birds and exotic pets.

While we have not had to use our pet insurance yet, I would highly recommend it. As I’m sure many of you can relate, Ruby is notorious for eating mystery objects and we are constantly on the lookout for her next snack attempt. For me, it brings peace of mind knowing that in the case of an emergency, we are protected and would never have to made hard decisions about her health.