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Underdog Blog

Little Known Protective Facts For Pet Appreciation Week

Sabrina Ortiz

By Amber Kingsley


There are many ways that we protect our pets and according to the AVMA (American Veterinary Medical Association), the first part of June is when we celebrate Pet Appreciation Week. In order to better understand our four-legged friends, here are some lesser known facts about protecting them from harm and ultimately appreciate them even more.


Animals In The House

We’ve all heard the expression bats in the belfry, which is the uppermost part of a church in England, But this expression is actually tied to those who may be mentally unstable. But what about animals who may gain admittance to our house from other spaces like the attic for example? While many of us may imagine the upper part of our home may attract rodents like mice and rats, other critters like raccoons and skunks, the most common vermin to enter this space is actually the Eastern Grey Squirrel.

The easiest way to keep these critters out of this household crawlspace is to ensure that it is properly sealed. Other common approaches like traps and poisons are not good choices. The humane method of using a trap for relocation may end up harming or killing the animal and remains can spread diseases and may leave behind a nasty stench that’s difficult to remove. It’s best to simply seal this area off completely and use steel mesh over ventilation areas.


Let Standing Water Lie

We all know it’s best to let sleeping dogs lie, but when we’re out on a walk or other outing, make sure they never drink from standing water. We have no way of knowing if this still water contains insect larvae or potentially deadly poisons like antifreeze or other dangerous toxins.

Always bring bottled water and a small dish when travelling with your pet, taking them out on a walk, to the local dog park or other outing. There are plenty of specially designed, portable pet watering solutions available online, at pet stores and other outlets.

Tick Tock

Whether you use an oral tablet, a flea and tick collar or other measure to ward off these pests, they aren’t always 100% effective in every situation. After your pet has been in areas where fleas and ticks frequent, especially tall grasses and wetlands, be sure to inspect your animal thoroughly.

If you have been unfortunate enough to have endured an infestation in your home and have treated your house, be sure to take extra steps to avoid their return. For example, when vacuuming your house after a bug bomb was deployed, put a flea collar into the vacuum bag to kill any larvae or eggs that may have survived the assault.

Also, be careful about letting your animal back into the house too soon after treating your home with these types of pesticides. Consider shampooing carpets, cleaning floors and furniture thoroughly before your dog comes into contact with these surfaces.

A happy pet is a healthy pet and we can protect and appreciate them every day of the year, not just during the first week of June. Do your very best to keep your companion animal well loved, appreciated and healthy all year long.