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Underdog Blog

Please Consider Rural Dog Rescue This Year!

Ali Legros

Dear Rural Dog Rescue supporters,

As we approach the end of 2015, it is important to reflect on the many animals our organization has rescued from certain death and placed into loving, forever homes this year. This year alone, Rural Dog Rescue saved more than 250 dogs and cats from high-kill shelters from rural areas, as well as from urban shelters near Washington, D.C. Our rescue also rebranded itself. We now Root for the Underdogs. Rural Dog Rescue is dedicated to saving the lives of dogs in shelters who are often overlooked for adoption or rescue.  

We save the dogs who are at most risk of being euthanized:  the hounds, the black dogs, the seniors, the sick and the broken… WE MAKE A COMMITMENT TO RESERVE A MINIMUM OF 50% OF THE DOGS WE SAVE TO THE UNDERDOG.


We could not have done this without the help of our amazing donors, volunteers, and supporters. To all of you, an enormous “Thank you.”

There are countess stories of triumph and hope that come out of Rural Dog Rescue that illustrate the heart and soul of this organization.

Take Autrey, for example. Volunteers in Rutherford County, North Carolina saved Autrey from impending doom. He was brought to the shelter injured after being hit by a car. Our quick thinking volunteers worked with animal control officers and were able to save Autrey before he was about to be put down. Autrey was deemed “unadoptable” but Rural Dog Rescue, true to the Underdog knew that was not true. Autrey received the care he needed including an expensive surgery to his hip. With the help of our awesome volunteers and supporters, we raised the funds to provide his surgery. Soon after Autrey’s surgery, he found a loving forever family to care for him so he’ll never have to be scared again.

FeFe came to our rescue just in the nic of time. FeFe was brought, with several puppies from a previous litter, to the shelter after their owner didn’t want them anymore. FeFe was soon found to be pregnant again with an unplanned and unwanted litter. When the shelter discovered this fact, they were ready to euthanize her on the spot. Shelter resources are hard to come by and a mother dog and her pups are a hefty burden to bear. Rural Dog Rescue was immediately notified of FeFe and her family’s circumstances and she was immediately saved. Rural Dog Rescue vows to dedicate at least 50% of our funds to help the Underdog, and FeFe and her unborn pups were the epitome of an Underdog Tale. FeFe was rescue with little time to spare as she had her pups shortly after arriving in Washington, D.C. FeFe was the proud mom of 8 little puppies. FeFe is now looking for her forever home where she can live out her days, free of ever having another unwanted litter of pups.

While not all cases are as severe as Autrey and FeFe, Rural Dog Rescue does rely solely on the kind donations of supporters like you to fund shelter fees, spay and neuter fees, vet costs, transportation costs, boarding, and food. Adoption fees cover some of these costs. However, the expenses for saving these wonderful animals add up quickly. It costs us an average of $250 - $550 to save the life of one dog. We are 100 percent volunteer based and have no paid staff. One hundred percent of your donation goes directly to help the homeless animals of Rural Dog Rescue, the true Underdogs.

As you make your holiday and year-end charitable donations, we ask that you please keep Rural Dog Rescue and the hundreds of animals we have saved – and will save – in mind. Please click here to donate today. You can make a donation to our Critical Care Fund, which helps fund major surgeries like Autrey’s, or In Memory Of a loved one, or even on behalf of one of our current dogs!

We all know there are, unfortunately, countless homeless animals in need of good, safe and reliable homes. Be assured that with your help, we will continue to save as many of them as our resources allow. Every animal we place into a new home is another life saved.

Happy holidays and many blessings in the New Year!

Your friends at Rural Dog Rescue

All donations made to Rural Dog Rescue are tax-deductible. Please see our financial info page for tax information.