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Happy Tales

UPDATE May 2017: Aila (fka Dolly Parton) is thriving with her new family. She is still working on her new bionic paw. They recently put some non-slip treads on the bottom so she could walk better on smooth surfaces. She's still as stubborn as ever, but always down for an adventure. Especially if it involves a car ride in the family's mini cooper. Her family wants to thank everyone who helped her get her new paw!

"We took Aila to the vet today to receive her prosthetic paw. It looks fantastic! While she is not sure how to use it, she appears to be adjusting and putting her new bionic paw down a little bit at a time. She is scheduled for physical therapy next, where we will all receive some training on how to improve. I'm fairly certain the highlight of her day was riding in my Mini Cooper, sticking her head out the window and trying to crawl into the front seat to be my copilot.
Aila has been a wonderful addition to our household. She drives her brother (11 year old Max, the golden retriever) crazy, but they love running around the back yard, barking at squirrels and unruly neighbor cats. They both just started training sessions, so we are working on not jumping on new people, waiting to go outside (no more torn screen doors, hopefully) and leaving foreign objects on the ground alone."

Happy Tale: How FiFi Became Phoebe: Friend of Cats and Tech Aficionado

By Mike Hower

The pain of losing our pets is blunt and powerful, disorienting our lives as we come to terms with the absence they left behind. While any dog lover will tell you that no lost dog can ever be replaced, many find that they only are able to move on by filling that void through the joy of new friend.

Washington, D.C. residents Cecile and Jim and experienced this same pain late last year when they lost their large hound-mix to old age. Looking to adopt another hound mix who could get along with their 20-pound cat Big Dexter, the couple discovered Rural Dog Rescue online and were instantly delighted by the organization’s mission of rescuing the underdogs. Their late dog had been an underdog himself, and they hoped to give a forever home to another pup down on its luck.

If there ever was a dog that needed to catch a break, it was FiFi, a small hound-mix who had found herself facing likely euthanization at a high-kill shelter in rural North Carolina. Not only was she lost and alone, but she also was pregnant to boot — which decreased greatly her chances of finding a home before her time was up. As horrible as it sounds, euthanizing pregnant dogs is a regular practice in many very crowded shelters.

Rescued by Rural Dog Rescue! Washington, NC: FeFe came into the shelter over the weekend. She is an approx. 9 month old hound mixed girl. FeFe is very very sweet and she loves treats, baby talk, and attention. This is a very gentle quiet girl. She appears to be pregnant and will need rescue. Available for rescue on 9/2.For more info email the shelter staff at Always refer to the petango or ID number! Adoption fee is $65 which includes spay/neuter, p/d shot, bordetella, microchip and deworming. Approved 501c3 Rescues can pull for $15 which includes p/d shot, bordetella, microchip and deworm. Some volunteer assistance for 501c3 rescues. Please refer to ID number when calling or emailing shelter.***PLEASE NOTE*** We will update as soon as updates are available. This shelter has a very small but very busy staff, so please DO NOT CALL for updates on dogs. If their Petango link is active, then they are still in the facility. While we welcome interest from all rescue groups, the shelter staff and volunteers CANNOT arrange long-distance transports or boarding. No credit card adoptions or rescues. Must be cash or check. Adopters must appear in person at shelter to sign adoption paperwork and pay fee, then the dog will be taken to a Beaufort Co. vet for spay/neuter. Rescue groups can pull for $15 but it is your responsibility once the dog leaves the facility to arrange transport and/or boarding. ID#1412 FeFe: post: County Animal Control3931 US Hwy 264 Highway EastWASHINGTON, NC, 1pm to 5:30 pm (no adoptions after 5 please)Saturday 11 to 3

Posted by ENC Shelter Dogs on Monday, August 31, 2015


And then everything changed. Rural Dog Rescue volunteers arrived just in time to scoop her up and whisk her to Washington, D.C., where she spent three months with the organization’s top dog — Director Kim Hawkins. Under Rural Dog Rescue’s care, she gave birth to eight healthy puppies, which were named after Snow White and the Seven Dwarves. After watching all of her babies find loving homes almost immediately, FiFi soon drew the attention of Cecile and Jim.


“FiFi was listed on Rural Dog Rescue as a hound-mix and she met our prerequisites of getting along with cats and dogs,” Cecile told Rural Dog Rescue. “She also had a few health issues we could help her with.”

While FiFi was smaller and younger than the couple was used to, Cecile and Jim knew from the moment they saw her that she was meant to be part of their family. But for Jim there was one caveat: FiFi’s foo-foo sounding name had to change.

For FiFi, being renamed “Phoebe” was a small price to pay for a second chance at life with a loving forever home, and she quickly adapted to the name change. Although Cecile still sometimes calls her FiFi (perhaps when Jim isn’t listening), and Jim occasionally calls her “Fidget” (for some reason), Phoebe happily comes running whenever she hears them say “Fi.”

As a country girl, Phoebe faced some initial challenges adjusting to the city life, and getting to know her new cat brother, Big Dexter. But she quickly learned how to live in a house and today is best buds with Big Dexter — the two are known to greet each other each morning with little kisses.

“Having a younger dog has brought lots of joy to our home,” Cecile said. “Phoebe's tail is always wagging and she's frequently dancing on her back legs with joy, especially at meal-time.”

Despite her rural roots, Phoebe has displayed a penchant for technology — having claimed ownership over Cecile’s iPad. Phoebe is fond of typing on the tablet when Cecile is trying to respond to her human emails and surfing the internet.

“So far, the word-command ‘off’ makes Phoebe laugh and type faster,” Cecile said. “She's a very smart but sometimes stubborn doggie.”

Phoebe declined to respond to these allegations for this story — she was too busy playing Angry Birds.

In March, Phoebe has plans to return to North Carolina — but this time for a postpartum beach vacation to Emerald Isle. She and her humans will stay right on the beach in a cottage where she will be able to run, play in the waves, sniff seaweed, and have all sorts of other new adventures.  

“We can't wait to take Phoebe on her first vacation,” Cecile said. “We look forward to Phoebe being a part of our family for a very long time. She has already added so much to our daily happiness, and we think we're helping her become a secure and joyful dog.”

NUTMEG fka Brooke

As you can see, Nutmeg is doing quite well and she is enjoying a new orthopedic foam bed. Nutmeg has learned to give high five, she can shake, she jumps into the tub for her bath on command,  and she can say please...  It's amazing how motivated she is when a doggie bone treat or meal timeis the reward. Nutmeg loves to go camping and hiking as well.  Life is good...  For us all.


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