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Critical Care Fund

Our Critical Care Fund helps us save and treat the ill, injured, and the most "medically needy" dogs in our rescue. It helps us fund heart worm treatments, injuries, parvo, dental issues, and any other issue that may affect our dogs.

We will never turn our back on an underdog and our Critical Care Fund helps to ensure that goal.

Please consider donating to this amazing cause. Every penny helps.

What Does it Cost to Treat a Heartworm Positive dog?

Initial exam: $77.50

Chest x-rays: $150.00

CBC/Chem/UA: $165

Hospitalization: $50 (x3 - one day per injection)

Immiticide injections: vary depending on the weight; its around $80.50 per 50lbs

Pain meds as needed, around $25.00 per prescription (some dogs need 2)

Doxycycline: varies depending on weight of dog, this is an expensive drug right now, so around $66.00 per month for 50lb dog (may change though depending on what is available)

Prednisone: $20-$30 per month, maybe upward of $50 for a larger dog

60 Days of Boarding for Treatment: $180